Jerry O’Neill, John Kellner and Michael Green have closed O’Neill Kellner & Green effective December 31, 2013. We, along with our attorneys and professional staff, will continue to practice. Beginning January 1, 2014, you can reach us by phone or by clicking the links below.

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Michael Green
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Shoup Evers & Green
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All of the attorneys will continue to handle all types of personal injury cases. If you have a question or would like to discuss a possible claim, feel free to contact any of them.

If you have a question about a medical malpractice case, we suggest that you contact John Kellner.

Victims of crimes and childhood sexual abuse should contact Jerry O’Neill.

Workers’ Compensation questions should contact Michael Green.

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According to Jerry Sandusky, in a statement aired on the eve of his sentencing, his conviction on 45 counts of child sex abuse is a result of a “well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists (and) civil attorneys” to falsely imprison the former Penn State assistant football coach. Sandusky’s conspiracy theory is corroborated by his lead defense lawyer, Joe Amendola. “I believe he was set up; I really do,” Amendola told NBC News.

Amendola has consistently maintained his client’s innocence since the beginning, telling reporters early on that “I believe his innocence” and that he would not have any qualms in leaving his children alone with Sandusky. Both Sandusky and his defense team are eager for the sentencing to be over with so they can begin the appeal process.

Mary Lou Marsh, a paralegal at our firm with 30 years of experience, says that unfortunately this is a trend she often sees in child sex abuse cases. Marsh works closely with Jerry O’Neill and John Evers representing the victims of sexual abuse. The accused will almost always “deny, deny, deny” Marsh says, even after a conviction. “It is unsettling.”